Basic Shortcut Keys for Microsoft Word

Last updated 24-07-23 09:07

Creating and Saving Documents:

Create a New Document: Ctrl + N

Open an Existing Document: Ctrl + O

Save the Document: Ctrl + S

Save As: F12

Selecting and Editing Text:

Select All: Ctrl + A

Copy: Ctrl + C

Cut: Ctrl + X

Paste: Ctrl + V

Undo: Ctrl + Z

Redo: Ctrl + Y

Formatting Text:

Bold: Ctrl + B

Italic: Ctrl + I

Underline: Ctrl + U

Strikethrough: Ctrl + D

Change Font: Ctrl + Shift + F

Increase Font Size: Ctrl + Shift + >

Decrease Font Size: Ctrl + Shift + <

Navigation and Moving Through Text:

Go to the Beginning of the Document: Ctrl + Home

Go to the End of the Document: Ctrl + End

Go to a Specific Page: Ctrl + G

Move to the Next Word: Ctrl + Right Arrow

Move to the Previous Word: Ctrl + Left Arrow

Move to the Beginning of the Line: Home

Move to the End of the Line: End

Formatting Paragraphs:

Align Left: Ctrl + L

Align Center: Ctrl + E

Align Right: Ctrl + R

Justify: Ctrl + J

Increase Indent: Ctrl + M

Decrease Indent: Ctrl + Shift + M

Bulleted List: Ctrl + Shift + L

Numbered List: Ctrl + Shift + L

Find and Replace:

Find: Ctrl + F

Find Next: F3

Replace: Ctrl + H

Reviewing and Proofreading:

Spell Check: F7

Thesaurus: Shift + F7

Insert Comment: Ctrl + Alt + M

Track Changes: Ctrl + Shift + E


Print: Ctrl + P

Print Preview: Ctrl + F2


Insert Date and Time: Alt + Shift + D

Insert Hyperlink: Ctrl + K

Insert Symbol: Ctrl + Shift + S

These are some of the commonly used shortcut keys in Microsoft Word. Remember, shortcut keys can vary based on the version of Microsoft Word and your operating system. Additionally, Word has a wide range of features, and there are many more shortcut keys available for specific tasks. Exploring the official Microsoft Word documentation or Help section can provide you with more comprehensive lists of shortcut keys.

By utilizing these shortcut keys, you can streamline your workflow and increase your efficiency while working with Microsoft Word. With practice, these shortcuts will become second nature and help you save time.

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