Mastering Basic Mathematics a Comprehensive Guide to BODMAS

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In this tutorial, we will dive into the fundamentals of mathematics, focusing on the BODMAS rule. BODMAS is an acronym that stands for Brackets, Orders (or Exponents), Division and Multiplication, and Addition and Subtraction. By understanding and applying the BODMAS rule correctly, you will gain confidence in solving mathematical expressions and equations accurately.

Introduction to BODMAS:

Understanding the significance of BODMAS in simplifying mathematical expressions.

Explaining the order of operations and why it is important for accurate calculations.

Introducing the BODMAS acronym and its components.


Understanding the role of brackets in grouping numbers and operations.

Solving expressions within brackets first before proceeding to other operations.

Handling different types of brackets, including parentheses, square brackets, and curly brackets.

Orders (or Exponents):

Exploring the concept of exponents and their role in mathematical calculations.

Understanding the rules of exponentiation, including positive and negative exponents.

Simplifying expressions involving powers or roots.

Division and Multiplication:

Highlighting the importance of performing division and multiplication in the correct order.

Applying the left-to-right rule when encountering multiple division or multiplication operations.

Recognizing the use of fractions and decimals in division and multiplication.

Addition and Subtraction:

Understanding the order of addition and subtraction operations.

Applying the left-to-right rule when encountering multiple addition or subtraction operations.

Managing negative numbers and their impact on addition and subtraction.

Practice Problems and Examples:

Providing a variety of practice problems to reinforce the understanding of BODMAS.

Step-by-step solutions and explanations for each problem.

Offering real-life examples to demonstrate the practical application of BODMAS.


Mastering the basics of mathematics and the BODMAS rule is essential for solving mathematical problems accurately. By following this comprehensive tutorial, you will gain a solid understanding of the BODMAS acronym, including brackets, orders, division and multiplication, and addition and subtraction. With practice, you will become proficient in simplifying expressions and solving equations following the correct order of operations. Embrace the world of mathematics, build a strong foundation, and enhance your problem-solving skills with BODMAS.

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